If you have receding gums or sensitive teeth, you must see this video

The Unnamed Dental Problem

The PeriClean is a revolutionary breakthrough in oral health care, as it’s the first complete redesign of the conventional nylon bristled toothbrush in over 77 years.  The first time you try PeriClean, you will feel how gentle it is on your gums.

Even when you brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day with a old, standard, nylon toothbrush, you probably overlook an unnamed dental problem:

  • Your tooth enamel is eggshell-thin and your gums are paper-thin.
  • Brushing your teeth with the old, standard toothbrush breaks down the tooth enamel and wears away your gums.

Gum recession leads to bone loss and sensitivity.

  • Are YOU brushing your gums AWAY in an effort to clean them? If so, you might be causing damage to the tooth enamel and hurting the gums.

Brushing with the ultra soft PeriClean toothbrush protects your tooth enamel and helps avoid the pain of receding gums.

You can take charge of your dental health. You will BRUSH SMARTER, NOT HARDER with the ultra soft PeriClean toothbrush.

Why Does Tooth Enamel Care Matter?

Your tooth enamel protects your teeth. When the white enamel breaks down, from brushing too much or from the buildup of plaque into hard tartar, it can lead to weakened teeth, tooth decay and yellowing of the teeth. Gentle cleaning of the teeth, with the ultra soft PeriClean specialty toothbrush, will help protect the tooth enamel so you will have a whiter, brighter smile and hold on to your teeth.

Why Does Gum Care Matter?

The gums protect the bone underneath, the bone holds the teeth in place. The gums are the Skin of Your Teeth®. Because your gums are thin, they cannot withstand the abuse of too much brushing by a standard toothbrush. Receding gums will lead to the exposure of the roots of your teeth and loss of your bone. Your teeth may become sensitive to hot drinks and cold ice cream. Gum recession is often permanent and is then remedied by dental surgery. You can help avoid gum recession by brushing effectively with an ultra soft toothbrush like PeriClean.

What Does Your Dentist Use to Clean Your Teeth?

Your dentist and dental hygienist do NOT use a traditional toothbrush to clean your teeth. They use a rubber dental instrument to remove the plaque and stains on your teeth. With its rubber head, the PeriClean specialty toothbrush is similar to the polishing tool dental professionals use. The PeriClean is ultra soft, flexible and strong enough to brush away food and has been clinically proven to remove plaque from your teeth.

Periclean Ultra-Soft Cleaner as Effective as Standard Soft Toothbrush in Removing Plaque

There is such a thing as overbrushing with a nylon toothbrush, also known as Toothbrush Disease. Over the years, dentists have moved from recommending hard-bristled toothbrushes to recommending soft-bristled, due to the rise in gum recession and sensitivity. Now, Periclean is taking it one step further, by offering an Ultra-Soft cleaner that is safe on gums and teeth, no matter how sensitive they may be. The PeriClean is made from FDA-approved materials, and has effective, long-lasting bristles and an anti-bacterial handle. The PeriClean was designed to minimize the occurrence of brushing too forcefully, and thereby causing damage to the teeth and gums. To put the effectiveness of the PeriClean to the test, an experiment was conducted, in which participants used the PeriClean for two weeks, after which their teeth were studied to determine the amount of plaque that remained. Following this, the participants used a traditional soft-bristled toothbrush for two weeks, after which the same study was conducted to determine the amount of plaque left over. The experiment concluded that the PeriClean and soft-bristled toothbrushes are equally effective in their ability to remove plaque from teeth.



It is a unique tool that allows patients to brush their teeth and gums effectively, without harming gums or abrading tooth structure. It is ideal for those who aggressively over-brush their teeth and gums.

Dr. Neal Seltzer DMD

With loose teeth and sore gums, getting my grandchildren to brush their teeth was an ongoing battle. The PeriKids Toothbrush gently brushes their teeth and does not hurt their gums – they really love it!

Anne Marie L.

It not only protects the delicate gums from wear, but we have actually seen the gums grow back in several patients! I am excited to see the long term results. Excellent product! Highly recommended!

Dr. Mara Rosenberg DDS

I cannot go back to using a conventional toothbrush because I love the way it feels and the fact that it’s helping to prevent problems with my gums.The PeriClean is the best product I have ever used for my gums.

Leo W.





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