If you have receding gums or sensitive teeth, you must see this video

The PeriClean® Ultra Soft Specialty Toothbrush is specifically designed to help your receding gums, sensitive teeth and other periodontal problems. It also helps to keep your teeth their whitest by protecting and preserving your tooth enamel. The PeriClean is a revolutionary breakthrough in oral health care, as it’s the first complete redesign of the conventional nylon bristled toothbrush in over 77 years. It’s patented design was created by Dr. Jack Gruber DDS, a renowned Periodontist in clinical practice for over 40 years.

Unlike standard nylon toothbrushes which can cause receding gums and wear down tooth enamel, the PeriClean’s ultra soft, patented, high-tech rubber bristles are extremely safe, gentle and will not harm gum tissue or tooth enamel. And even though it’s incredibly gentle, the PeriClean cleans teeth and gums exceptionally well, easily removing plaque and debris for total oral healthcare. And if you have dental implants, the PeriClean is an especially important tool for long term maintenance.

The PeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush for receding gums and other dental health issues is made in the USA in a state-of-the-art facility using only the highest quality, FDA approved materials. Its patented design is based upon years of rigorous research and testing. The PeriClean is extremely strong yet lightweight, requires no batteries or electricity, works with your favorite toothpaste and lasts for up to four months. Its gentle cleaning action will leave your mouth feeling exceptionally clean while protecting your teeth and gums. The PeriClean Toothbrush is designed for adults and children over 12 years old. The PeriKids® Toothbrush is designed specifically for children up to 12 years old.